How Cannabis Can Help You To Stop Using Opioids

Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular as a treatment for opioid use disorder. More and more people are turning to cannabis as a potential alternative treatment for opioid use disorders. The following blog post explains why and how you can start using cannabis as an alternative treatment for opioid use:

What is an opioid use disorder?

Opioid use disorder is an overwhelming and persistent desire to use opioids. People with this disorder often take opioids even though they’re aware of the negative consequences. For example, someone who has chronic pain will often turn to opioids for pain relief. They’ll then experience a feeling of euphoria and feel less anxious as a result. It’s for these reasons that opioids are so commonly prescribed for conditions such as pain and depression. Unfortunately, this common treatment leads to a variety of health problems.

Why Cannabis Is An Effective Treatment

The main reason why cannabis could be an effective treatment for opioid use disorders is that it can help reduce cravings. As with all addictions, cravings are one of the major reasons why people use opioids. Cravings are what drive most opioid users to seek the drugs. When someone is using cannabis, it controls the cravings, leading to lower cravings. As a result, people are able to relieve their cravings without the need to keep using opioids, leading to greater long-term sobriety.

Benefits of Cannabis

With a range of studies confirming its potential benefits, it’s no surprise that cannabis is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option for a range of conditions. In particular, people with opioid use disorders have found it to be an extremely beneficial treatment option. As well as addressing cravings and increased depression and anxiety, cannabis can help to address the following areas: 

  • Reduced pain – Studies have reported that cannabinoids, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), can help to reduce pain. 
  • Improved stress and anxiety levels – It’s not uncommon for people experiencing opioid use disorder to have significant anxiety linked to cravings. Cannabis has been shown to help with reducing stress and improving mood linked to cravings, therefore helping to reduce anxiety. 
  • Improved cognitive function – Studies have reported that cannabinoids, including THC, can help to improve cognitive function. This includes things like memory, attention, and problem-solving skills, which can be beneficial for people experiencing issues with these aspects as a result of opioid use disorder.

How to Start Using Cannabis

There are many ways to use cannabis. You can consume it as flowers, concentrates, edibles and tinctures. You can also use cannabis as a topical treatment. Consuming cannabis is different from taking prescribed medications in that you are ingesting the plant itself, not a synthetic compound. When you consume cannabis, you are inhaling it as you would with tobacco smoke. While consuming cannabis is one option, you can also take it as a supplement. If you choose to take it as a supplement, you’ll have to take it in smaller, more frequent doses.


If you struggle with opioid use disorders, you should consider using cannabis as an alternative treatment. It can help reduce cravings and help you to stay off opioids. With the opioid crisis worsening, you need to do whatever you can to find a solution. Cannabis might be the answer to your problems.  Visit online dispensary today.



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