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  1. 7824

    Frederic Marsan –

    Belle apparance,bon gout,brule bien et livraison rapide. Merci WC

  2. 7569

    Rob –

    One of the best iv tryed stinky pink smell and taste wicked high thanks cargo definitely a must try

  3. 9161

    Frederic Marsan –

    Jolie produit,bon gout ,belle apparance et bon buzzz πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. 61012

    Fabian –

    Never do a review but these bud a amazing nice and dense haven’t had that happen in a while I’m a heavy smoker and this gets you a nice buzz and you’ll like the taste, totally recommend this strain.

  5. 2807

    Bluesman –

    Lordy lordy lordy this girl came with her dancing shoes. I really am starting to think all the cake ones are just really good. First two, not even big tokes and there is already a decent resin ring, nice. Didn't harsh me out but I could see coughing just because of how dense the smoke is. The buds are kind of dense and heavy. I looked at the bag and instantly weighed it, like I35g in the bags, just checkin cause it just looked a bit small. Thought it might fluff up and yes it does, very nicely. The moisture level is so nice, I find dry pot just harder to roll. This stuff, the paper just sticks to it a tiny bit so it's super easy to roll. Burns perfect, nice and slow, with lots of resin. Taste, I don't know if I taste sweet in there or not, is kind of a good dank, pretty smooth, I don't know if I can explain it. Tastes awesome to me. Forgot to look at the ash. Pretty strong but smooth, mellow stone. Not feeling all talkative, just calm with my peripherals a little blurred out a bit. This is right now while I right this review. Just kind of tunnel vision on the screen, having a coffee, feeling good and stoned. Thumbs up all the way on this one, I would buy it again. My favourite is still Dosi Pie, though I hardly ever see it. WEECARGO, you guys are awesome, you have always had the best pot. I have bought from other places but you guys always win. Thanks to everyone at WEEDCARGO!

  6. 62404

    Connor –

    Was alright. Smelled good and had lots of crystals. Just was a bit fluffy and lots of stems

  7. 2889

    Totten95 –

    Great fruity smell, nice crystally nugs. Very nice bud!

  8. 4560

    Totten95 –

    Graded triple A+ but i would grade it less. Smell aint really there. Leafy. Smells freshly cured

  9. 9720

    Totten95 –

    Nice stuff. Smells good and buds are nice.

  10. 15240

    Max –

    Very nice tasting bud and smells great. Excellent value for the price. I find it’s a creeper buzz getting that sativa head high while smoking and the indica effects setting in a little later. I give it a solid 3.5/5

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