Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

Alberta is the westernmost of Canada’s three Prairie provinces. Often known as Canada’s “energy province,” Alberta is home to over 4 million people, and growing quickly. The bulk of this population lives in Alberta’s two largest cities: Edmonton, which serves as the provincial capital, and Calgary. Each has a population of over one million people. It is home to some of Canada’s most impressive scenery, where the prairies meet the mountains and spectacular snow-capped peaks dominate the skyline.  

Smoking weed in Alberta

A 2019 report by BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research predicts that the Canadian legal cannabis market will hit $5.2 billion in sales by 2024, and Alberta is expected to account for $2 billion. Surprisingly, Alberta is leading the charge for licensed cannabis retail outlets. Currently there are 254 licensed cannabis stores in Alberta.

The Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC) regulate the province’s distribution of cannabis, oversee private retail stores, and is the only legal online vendor at AlbertaCannabis.org.

In Alberta, the minimum age to purchase cannabis is 18, which mirrors its alcohol laws.  Albertans are allowed to consume cannabis in their homes and in some public spaces, but it is banned in vehicles. It is prohibited in the same places tobacco is restricted, such as: school property, playgrounds, and hospital property.

Why buy weed online?

Although weed is perfectly tolerated in Alberta, it may be actually hard to find locally. While 254 locations have been granted, not all of those are yet open, with some requiring further physical preparation and an opportunity to order products. Edibles and concentrates are currently unavailable on the market. But no worries, you can choose from a wide selection of different strains at Weed Cargo. We offer high quality weed at affordable prices. Ordering online is fast, easy, and secure!

Discover Alberta

Now that you’ve gotten your weed, here a list of must-sees in Alberta:

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is the most visited tourist attraction in the province. The area encompasses spectacular mountain scenery, ski resorts, and beautiful lakes. Light up a blunt, and catch a glimpse of grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, caribou, and elk, many of which are frequently sighted along the main highway through the park.
In the summer time, go hiking, or you can even explore the park in the comfort of your own car, stopping at various roadside lookouts and enjoy the spectacular views over the mountains, lakes, and glaciers

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is famous for its beautiful turquoise colored water that reflects the surrounding mountains. It is just a short drive from Banff, and the lake is an easy day trip from Calgary. Bring your vape pen and take in the break taking views directly across the lake. Or take a stroll along the shoreline and absorb the atmosphere. You can also go canoeing or hiking up towards the glacier. In the winter time, visit Lake Louise Ski Resort, which is Canada’s most popular ski destination.

Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede is the city’s biggest event held each year in early July. It is a ten-day event luring people from across North America. Calgary becomes the focus of attention for Wild West fans. You can smoke a j and watch a rodeo, listen to country music, and there are various outdoor activities. Free “Stampede breakfasts” are also offered throughout the week from local establishments around Calgary. Cowboy hats and boots become the primary fashion and you can visit the temporary petting zoos and midway rides pop up in parking lots.

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall is more than just shops. In this huge mall, there is a water park, ice rink, mini golf, aquarium with live shows, movie theaters. In the cold winter, it is an ideal place to go to enjoy some indoor fun activities.