Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Known as “the Garden Province”, Prince Edward Island is one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada. As Canada’s smallest and least populous province, it is home to only 140,000 people. The island’s capital and largest city is Charlottetown, with just over 40,000 people. Prince Edward Island is known for its natural beauty, including its 800 km of beaches.

Smoking weed in Prince Edward Island

The Prince Edward Island Cannabis Management Corporation (PEICMC) manages everything in terms of buying weed. They offer four retails shops around the island in Prince Edward Island located in O’Leary, Summerside, Charlottetown and Montague, and also run an online store.

The only legal place you can smoke on PEI is at home in your private residence. There are a very few designated areas in public spaces.

Why buy weed online?

It can be difficult to purchase weed in PEI especially if you don’t live near a retail location. Why waste time and energy traveling to a dispensary when they may not even have products that you are looking for? Using a mail order marijuana service is the best way to get your weed in PEI. It also ensures you to consume discreetly and privately in the comfort of your own home. Weed Cargo offers a wide range of strains online at competitive prices. Just choose the product you want and place your order!

Discover Prince Edward Island

 After you take a hit of our high quality cannabis, explore fun things to do in PEI:

Green Gables Heritage Place

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of PEI is Anne of Green Gables. If you’re a fan of this story, this is the house where it all began, the house that inspired the setting for L.M. Montgomery’s novels. Walk through the rooms of the Victorian home, restored to the period of the late 1800s, and imagine yourself back in time. Experience farm life in the barn or stroll the ‘Haunted Woods’ and ‘Balsam Hollow’ trails described in the book. And if you haven’t read the book, the Green Gables Heritage House still provides a unique look back at a period in time on this beautiful island.

Prince Edward Island National Park

The 37-mile Prince Edward Island National Park captures the beautiful north shore of the province, including the many picturesque white and red sand beaches—and you may want to take a swim after spending the day hiking, cycling, golfing, or geocaching! Bring a few j’s for this outdoor adventure. The park also hosts the Greenwich Interpretation Centre, which features 20 interactive and multimedia exhibits about the region, and the 10,000 years of history that shaped it.

Confederation Bridge

The 12.9-kilometre Confederation Bridge is an incredible feat of engineering, and is the longest bridge in the world that spans seasonally ice-covered waters. This curved bridge connects Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick and the rest of Canada, allowing you to drive to the island instead of riding the ferry. Cross over the bridge for a thrilling experience!


You’ll want to spend at least a couple of days in Charlottetown, PEI’s capital and the birthplace of Canada. Pretty Victorian wooden buildings, a charming harbour and a seafood-stuffed food scene is what makes the island’s capital so adorable. Explore its many shops and restaurants, and check out the great festivals that take place year-round.

Chow down on oysters

PEI is a paradise for anyone who loves seafood. The island’s crown jewels are its Malpeque oysters with 10 million harvested every year. What makes these oysters unique is that they take on the flavor of the water they’re grown in, as they filter between 30-50 gallons of liquid every day. Even if you’re not an oyster fan, you’ll definitely find one that suits your taste buds. For a broad saltiness and a deep creamy texture, check out Brundenell Bully’s from Kings County or for something more lightly briny and crunchier, check out Raspberry Point Oysters, to satisfy those munchies!