Fredericton, New Brunswick

Fredericton, New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada and home to approximately 760,000 people. The province is home to wide areas of unspoiled nature, as forests occupy the great majority of the province’s land mass. New Brunswick also includes a number of coastal islands.

Saint John is New Brunswick’s largest city (130,000), while Fredericton serves as the capital.  New Brunswick is officially bilingual; as over 30 percent of the population speaks French as a first language, while most of the remaining 70 percent are English-speaking.

Smoking Weed in New Brunswick

Cannabis NB is currently the only authorized retailer of recreational cannabis in the province. They operate out of 20 retail spaces scattered across 15 communities in the province.

  • The legal age to purchase, possess, or consume cannabis is 19.
  • Consuming cannabis in public is not permitted.

Why buy weed online?

In recent news, consumers have been complaining of high prices offered by the government-operated stores. At Weed Cargo, we offer products at a reasonable price. With such limited retail locations in the province, why not just simply order your weed online from a mail order online dispensary, like Weed Cargo?

Discover New Brunswick

If you’re looking to explore New Brunswick after puffing on your freshly delivered weed, explore some fun things to do:

Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is home to the highest tides in the world. These giant tides, formed by over 100 billion tonnes of seawater, rise up to 12 meters twice every single day, a phenomenon that has shaped the unique landscape of the coastline and entire region. The gorgeous bay can be explored in any number of ways. Bring some pre-rolled doobies and walk the ocean floor at the Hopewell Rocks or abseil down cliffs into the bay at Cape Enrage. Board a boat for a whale-watching excursion, or hop on a ferry to three unique islands that sit in the bay, each hosting their own outdoor adventures.

Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park is really an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. Bring your vape pen and go hiking along trails that will bring you through mountains, into valleys and forests, and past waterfalls. Rent a canoe, kayak or just go for a swim in beautiful Bennett Lake. For more organized outdoor fun, play a round of golf, spend the afternoon on the tennis courts, or take part in one of the many annual festivals or celebrations.

Miramichi River

If you’re at all interested in fishing, you need to spend a day on the Miramichi River. The waterway is famous for fly-fishing, having one of the largest Atlantic salmon runs on the east coast. If that doesn’t spark your interest, hop in a canoe or kayak and explore the river at your own pace, or go for a float along the river in an inflatable tube. Learn about the waterway and region in a riverboat, go on a nature walk on the shoreline, or even go bear-watching.

Kingsbrae Garden

The 27-acre Kingsbrae Garden is a collection of over 50,000 perennials in themed gardens. Tour around to really appreciate the magnitude of this collection of flowers and plants, and Kingsbrae offers a “floral carpet ride” through the grounds on a golf cart. Visit the Dutch windmill and lose yourself in the cedar maze. Check out the sculpture garden, say hello to alpacas roaming the grounds and marvel at the beauty and color of the peacocks. If you start to feel the munchies, grab lunch from an award-winning chef at the ‘Savour in the Garden’ restaurant.